Yankees And Deflate Gate Novelas Continue: Nueva York Baller Hour Talks Posada, AROD & Tom Brady Drama

The Home for Latino Sports fans in New York keeps you up to date on the New York Yankees and Deflate Gate novelas. What does the crew think about Jorge Posada’s recent comments about Alex Rodriguez’ Hall of Fame eligibility and subsequent retraction? Was Posada out of line or was he just keeping it real? And is Tom Brady smart to appeal the Deflate Gate suspension and how uses the word ‘deflator’ to describe weightloss?

Nueva York Baller Hour gets you ready for the New York Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Eastern Conference Finals. The Sports Whisperer Monte Perez and Lightning Superfan Leo Cruz join the Dominican Baller Jorge Martinez & co-host Ray Collazo to analyze the keys to the series, players to watch and predictions from our NHL experts.

Nueva York Baller Hour also catches you up on the Mets, Yankees, Beckham on Cover of Maddon, Knicks’ ping-pong ball and everything else in the world of New York Sports. For more Nueva York Baller Hour, just go to Latino Sports Talk.

Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez

Bronx boy who is a Yankees, Knicks and Jets fan. Son of a former minor league baseball player from the Dominican Republic. Baseball is my first love but I love a wide variety of sports. Host of Latino Sports Talk a weekly podcast covering sports from a Latino point of view. Follow me on twitter at @DRUSABaller.

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