Mets making moves Yanks saying put – right moves? Reax to DeflateGate and Cowherd

NYBallerHr - Yankees-MetsMets are making moves & Yankees seem to be staying put. Is each team doing the right thing? Warning this show was recorded when it was thought Carlos Gomez was going to be a Met. We also take a look at moves being made by the Mets & Yanks competitors aka the Nationals, Blue Jays & Royals.

Patriots organization and fans are standing behind their man, Tom Brady. Why is it the rest of us can’t agree with them? We react to the NFL upholding Brady’s suspension.

In this week’s rant one of our hosts breaks down why the Colin Cowherd comments were so hurtful and yes he took it personal.

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Jorge Martinez

Jorge Martinez

Bronx boy who is a Yankees, Knicks and Jets fan. Son of a former minor league baseball player from the Dominican Republic. Baseball is my first love but I love a wide variety of sports. Host of Latino Sports Talk a weekly podcast covering sports from a Latino point of view. Follow me on twitter at @DRUSABaller.

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