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Can Mets’ young arms carry them to playoffs now?
When I think of great pitching staffs throughout my lifetime…A few rosters come to mind.

The Atlanta Braves had:

Tom Glavine -305 Wins, 203 losses and 2,607 and strikeouts.
Greg Maddux- 355 wins, 227 loses and 3,371 strikeouts.
John Smoltz- 213 wins, 155 losses and 3,084 strikeouts. Smoltz also collected 154 saves.

Despite all their success the Braves only managed to win 1 World Series (1995.)

The most dominant 1-2 punch was Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling for the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2001. That year, Johnson and Schilling combined for 43 and 12 record and had 675 strikeouts. The Diamondbacks won the World Series, defeating the New York Yankees in 7 games and Schilling was named the MVP.

The New York Mets have 4 young, talented pitchers on their roster.

Noah Syndergaard 6”6 240lbs. Nickname “Thor”.
Matt Harvey 6’4 220lbs. Nickname “The Dark Knight”.
Jacob deGrom 6’4 185lbs NL Rookie of the Year 2014.
Zack Wheeler 6’4 195lbs. (Out for the season)

Glavine and Maddux were control pitchers, they didn’t overpower batters. Johnson and Schilling were power pitchers for Arizona. Where the Mets differ, is they have 4… tall, athletic, power pitchers who can all throw over 90 MPH consistently. In a recent series against the Nationals the Mets started Harvey, deGrom and Syndegaard in three straight games. The Mets won all three and their starters combined for 25 strikeouts and gave up only 1 base on balls. This rotations is going to give baseball managers nightmares for the next ten years. Below, are some scary career numbers, if you are an opposing offense.

Syndergaard 9.5 strikeouts and 1.9 walks per 9 innings.
Harvey 9.3 strikeouts and 2.3 walks per 9 innings.
deGrom 9.2 strikeouts and 2.2 walks per 9 innings.
Wheeler 8.5 strikeouts and 3.9 walks per 9 innings.

You throw in Steven Matz and Jonathan Niese, both young pitchers who can produce at a high level and there is no letdown on this roster.

The Mets are putting together, what could be the greatest starting pitching staff in the history of Major League Baseball. Now, before a get a ton of emails saying, “It is too early to make that assumption” or “The Mets haven’t won anything yet”

Let me remind all of you, I am the Sports Whisperer for a reason. I predict things before they happen. Some of my pre-season predictions:

Marcus Mariota will win the Heisman Trophy
Aaron Rodgers will win the NFL MVP Award
Stephen Curry will win the NBA MVP Award
Duke will defeat Wisconsin in the Men’s Basketball National Championship.

As you can see, I clearly earned this nickname. I am predicting right now, that if this Mets staff stays healthy, they will have a 10 year run to the likes of which we have never seen.

I am predicting that not only will these team win multiple World Series but baseball will look back at this team and compare them to the Oakland A’s of the 1970’s. The Big Red Machine (Cincinnati Reds) and the New York Yankees of the late 1990s and 2000. Jump on the bandwagon America. The Mets are just starting their climb to the top of the Major League baseball mountain and once they get there, I don’t expect them to come down anytime soon.

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