1st Night of American League Division Series Recap

Thursday’s Game 1s got the Division Round started in dramatic style. Here are five insights Latino Sports Talk wants you to learn from Blue Jays vs. Rangers and Royals vs. Astros on Thursday:

5. ¡Que Dulce Odor! Latino Sports Talk predicted Texas Rangers 2nd Baseman Rougned Odor would be pesky, but he may be quickly arriving as a star. In game 1 against the Blue Jays, Odor stole the show by going 1-2 with 3 Runs Scored and a laser Home Run that stuck a dagger in Blue Jays ace David Price. Can Odor continue to make a similar impact now that Rangers’ Superstar Adrian Beltre is questionable with back spasms?

David Price4. Wild Cards Are Live: The Houston Astros came off their Wild Card win against the New York Yankees energized compared to the Kansas City Royals in ‘Stros Game 1 victory. This edge coming off a big win seems to favor the Wild Card winner over a Division Champion that is usually in cruise control heading into playoffs. With this momentum, Astros look to do a “2014 Royals job” on Kansas City.

3. Believe in Redemption: A few years ago, players like Colby Rasmus, Kendrys Morales, Chris Young and Ryan Madson were considered MLB has-beens. Smart teams that show patience with talents that have gotten sidetracked by baseball’s ups and downs are being rewarded. Morales became just the 2nd Cuban-born player ever to hit 2 homeruns in a Playoff game in Game 1 against the Astros (Tony Perez was the 1st) and Colby Rasmus is finally blossoming with homeruns in his first two playoff games. Look for other reclamation projects like Josh Hamilton & Marco Estrada to make an impact in the Division Round.

More Pedro Please!
More Pedro Please!
2. David Price Continues to Choke: Price’s terrible performance in Game 1 (5 Earned Runs including 2 Home Runs in 7 Inning Pitched) set the Blue Jays back 0-1 in the best of 5 Division Series. One of baseball’s great aces is now 1-6 with a 4.79 ERA lifetime in the Playoffs. For a starting pitcher of his stature, his play has just been unacceptable. Price’s playoff failures may not only impact his free agent contract negotiations, but could eventually cost him a spot in the Hall of Fame.

1. Baseball Needs a Halftime! The TV analysts doing Studio Shows on all of the Networks covering the playoffs have been informative and God forbid FUN! In particular, the TBS crew featuring Gary Sheffield, Dusty Baker and Pedro Martinez is knowledgeable, incredibly entertaining and shows the diversity that baseball needs to market much, much more. I found myself wishing last night’s rain delay lasted a little longer to hear the banter between Dontrelle Willis, Raul Ibanez, Frank Thomas and Pete Rose in the Fox Sports Studio. Rose felt like the last white guy in the old neighborhood that doesn’t quite understand what the young guys in the barber shop are laughing about. They are laughing because you’re a crazy old man Hit King.

And Pedro Martinez is the Charles Barkley of Baseball Studio Shows. He is blunt, insightful and has the standing as a legend of the sport to say whatever the hell he wants. Please, baseball, figure out a way to incorporate these multi-cultural voices in more baseball coverage…live commentary….extended breaks between certain innings….get creative and get Sir Pedro more airtime!

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