Feb 21

This Week In Latino Politics: Latest From Beltway, Gas Lamp District, Brick City & ROC United

Newark City Councilman & Rising Political Star Anibal Ramos, Jr.

Newark City Councilman & Rising Political Star Anibal Ramos, Jr.

Hosts Rafael “Ray” Collazo & Abe Amoros recap the week in Latino Politics. Analysis of hot elections impacting Latinos from the Gas Lamp District to Brick City; latest on Bridgegate, Immigration Reform & 2016 Presidential handicapping.

Notes from Rafael “Ray” Collazo from episode of Latinos Talk Politics
I am fascinated by emerging Latino leaders and how our community support them as they grow into their leadership potential and provide them the platforms they need to maximize their influence and service to others.

On today’s episode, myself and co-host Abe Amoros discuss how Latinos can build their local profile to prepare to run for office. What are the keys to networking with political structure in a way to position themselves for political success without compromising their integrity? And what steps do you need to take to better understand the local political dynamics to determine your “winning” electoral strategy? Oftentimes, it is not as daunting as you think.

Hot Elections
Abe and Ray review the latest local election results around the

Saru Jayaraman of Restaurant Opportunity Center

Saru Jayaraman of Restaurant Opportunity Center

country that were setbacks for Latino politics. City Councilman David Alvarez of San Diego lost his bid for mayor in a special election to complete the term of former Mayor Bob Filner. We analyze the election results and discuss the importance of energizing your base and having a strong absentee ballot/early vote campaign strategy. Councilman Alvarez has a great career ahead of him and we wish him congratulations for his courageous run.

Right before we started taping the show, I received a Facebook message from dear friend and rising political star Newark City Councilman Anibal Ramos, Jr. After beginning a strong campaign for Mayor to replace now Senator Cory Booker, Ramos announced that he would be stepping down from the race to support lawyer Shavar Jeffries. Even if he had finished in the top 2 during the first round of elections, Ramos would have most likely ended up in a run-off election against either Jeffries or City Councilman Ras Baraka. This would have likely resulted in a divisive election along ethnic/racial lines. Ramos ran an excellent campaign, which included strong fundraising and has a great future.

Latinos Talk Politics also provides the latest on the ongoing struggle to get Immigration Reform moving in the House of Representatives and how ROCUNITED is advocating for a very important part of our laborforce and community.

Check out this episode!

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