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Feb 20

Latinas Represent on Latinos Talk Politics

Marni Allen of Parity Project discusses the debut of the Latina Represent campaign. Listen to how Latina Represent is empowering Latinas to take their rightful seat at the table.

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Jan 17

Latinas Rise Up on Latinos Talk Politics

Latinas Rise Up on Latinos Talk Politics: Maria Contreras-Sweet & Melissa Mark Viverito are making history while Latinos react to BridgeGate, Carlos Lopez-Cantera & controversy in California courts.

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Nov 29

Honduran Elections & What Miami Latinos Think of Speaker Boehner

Latinos Talk Honduran Presidential Elections and latest on Immigration South Florida organizing.

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Nov 24

Fast4Families, Boehner & New Mexico

Latinos Talk Politics calls out Speaker Boehner’s appalling leadership on Immigration & ENDA. Guest Tannia Esparza of Young Women United announces a victory for women’s rights in ABQ, NM & Latinos nationwide.

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Oct 24

Latinos on ACA Roll-out, Ted Cruz, Immigration & Eva Longoria

Abe Amoros & Rafael Collazo discuss impact of ACA Roll-out glitches, Presidential leadership, Government Shutdown Aftermath & Immigration Reform on Latinos Talk Politics. Why are Ted Cruz & Cristobal Alex newsworthy for very different reasons?

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