Latina Cubicle Confidential Talk With Dr. Maria Hernandez

RP136: Dr. Maria Hernandez shares essentials for Latinas to gain access to the corporate boardroom. A Silicon Valley executive and Founder of LatinaVIDA, Dr. Hernandez explains how Latinas can lean in for career and personal success.

Highlights of Episode 136 with Silicon Valley Executive & Activist Dr. Maria G. Hernandez:
Dr. Hernandez became a PhD at 26 years old. Listen to Maria’s path to academic achievement and what did she discover about herself once she became a PhD in higher education? Dr. Hernandez’

Today's Ray of Light Dr. Maria Hernandez of LatinaVIDA

Today’s Ray of Light Dr. Maria Hernandez of LatinaVIDA

career in academia had its challenges almost immediately. With a career in higher education right in front of her, what did Dr. Hernandez learn about herself that made her decide to investigate other career options? Ultimately, Dr. Hernandez has decided to pursue a “portfolio career.” What is a ‘portfolio career’ and how is this increasing trend satisfying the personal and financial needs of Hispanic professionals? Dr. Hernandez explains what traits do Latinas need to embrace to carve out their own successful and satisfying ‘portfolio career.’

Stretching Out Of Your Comfort Zone:
Dr. Hernandez has dedicated her career to ‘breaking glass ceilings’ and has found the need to stretch out of her comfort zone to identify mentors outside of her own community. Listen to Maria’s advice on how to identify and maximize new relationships and mentors who are ‘kind’ and invested in your personal growth.

Latinas Leaning In on Corporate America:
The amount of Latinas on Fortune 500 boards is woefully low. Dr. Hernandez is one of our leading activists in opening doors for more Latina professionals to get a seat in the nation’s Fortune 500 Boardrooms. Listen to Maria explain the importance of more Hispanic presence in

Latina Cubicle Confidential is a must read for Latina professionals.

Latina Cubicle Confidential is a must read for Latina professional.

corporate America’s boardrooms. Why are boards of directors so important to our community? What can Latina professionals do to prepare themselves for opportunities to serve on corporate boards? After listening to the full podcast, read Dr. Hernandez’ provocative blog on Latina Cubicle Confidential on Latinas serving on corporate boards.

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Dr. Maria Hernandez has founded LatinaVIDA to empower Latinas in the corporate world and in their daily lives. Listen to Maria discuss LatinaVIDA’s mission and the exciting trainings and special events being offered by LatinaVIDA in 2014!

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